This blog is an extension of my "Art of Jose Albanil". The purpose of this blog was to show examples of my work dating back to when I started in 1991. Great way to see my progression and diversity of things I have had the privilege of working on. Includes Presto Studios, Electronic Arts and older Rainbow Studios. You can also check my professional history at A more detailed resume available on request. I am open to pursuing new and exciting opportunities that inspire me. Feel free to contact me at..... ""

Unreleased WWE '06

I was hired on at Rainbow Studios as an Senior Environmental Artist for a, now unreleased, Wrestling game. I was creating the main stage pieces for a number of Events including RAW, Backlash, and Vengeance. I needed to collect my own reference, Build sets according to latest event, building models, texturing them, creating materials and assembling levels with proprietary engine.

I was given the task of coming up with the "Training Room". I came up with the Design, Modeled, Textured, Lit, Created Materials and assembled in Game.

Savage Entertainment '05

Entertaining the thought of working with Savage. I did these two art test for them.

LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth '04

I created models and textures for Mordor and Isengard. Initial concepts for Dwarf and Elf units. Working on building upgrade changes. Created a majority of Level Of Detail models and skinned them for animation. Also worked on various game cursors.

Designing new faction building for Isengard Warg Sentry

I modeled and textured 3 versions of my designs

Units, Buildings and props. Modeled and textured

Designing new units that would fit in to their factions

Command & Conquer: Zero Hour '03

After Generals EA decided to do an expansion pack. They kept a small group on doing the work for that. I managed scheduling of two other modelers. On top of that I designed, modeled and textured various units for each faction. I created unit portraits for interface. I was alsothe main information source for new hire as to our art specifications.

Command & Conquer: Generals '03

I started at Electronic Arts at the end of Generals. Dove right into crunch time. I processed all contract work to game specs and my work flow was faster than two other artist. Responsible for unit and faction building audits. Helped manager see at a glance state of assets. Making me go to go for final changes to game art and final check in's. Also helped out with scripting in game cinematics

Creating models and textures for above units.

Whacked '02

Whacked was Presto's first game going on to Xbox. It was really pretty fun with replayability. I worked on the Game Show Set, Club El Bano and the HUD stages. I was responsible for building levels from initial designs to completed art and implementation of game play. All modeled in 3D Studio Max

Myst III: Exile '01

Myst III Exile was the third in the Myst series. Presto came up with everything from the storyline to finished games. I was responsible for modeling the complete worlds of Voltais, Tomanhna and Narayan. Narayan was the most challenging since I had never modeled anything this organic. As well as I had to design as well to complete the level since I only had 3 drawing to start with when building this level. Came out amazing. I was also instrumental in helping model various objects for the worlds of J'nanin and Amateria to keep the project on schedule. All models were built using 3D Studio Max.

Narayan. How beautiful is this level?

So now I had to create the above from these drawings. When you are use to mulitple drawings of different angles for each room this was insane to work from.